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About Us

FTMV Productions is myself, the producer, and a small, close group of models. It started out as a simple "what if?" moment in August 2017. I needed another creative outlet next to my other creative passions and I've always been heavily interested in the less conventional aspects of human sexuality alongside what is considered to be vanilla. I wanted to bring my own sense of aesthetics and script writing to a small selection of fetishes that is slowly but steadily expanding in number.

I am totally self-taught when it comes to film-making and editing and started out without any prior knowledge of the industry, erotic or otherwise, and had never shot a single piece of film footage in my life. I use what I have available to me and what my budget allows me to buy and try to make the best of everything I can as I go along.

While I don't claim to be an expert in any sense of the word, I am at least very passionate and am constantly trying out new techniques and experimenting with different ideas: some succeed, some fail but thus is the learning curve to achieving the desired results.

Far and away the most important aspect of what I do is the models themselves. I like to work with models who do not typically do this kind of thing for a living (although there are plenty of exceptions). And models who need their own creative outlet and expression of sexuality which isn't necessarily vanilla in nature. Those who view their work in the world of erotica as an art form as opposed to a means to an end. Scenes are often written with a specific model in mind and with their personalities and subtle characteristics as inspiration for scenes. Sometimes models decide themselves what they'd like to film and we try that out too. We have a very symbiotic relationship during shoots which often leads to homogenic and harmonious results.