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Custom Clips


PRICING (New prices as of 2023)

Custom clips are priced as follows:

Regular clips
First ten minutes: 10 EUROS per minute per model and then 5 EUROS per minute per model for every extra minute. The minimum is 10 minutes.

VR Clips
10 Euro per minute per model for the first ten minutes and then 5 EUROS per minute per model for every extra minute. The minimum is 5 minutes. (See notes below about filming in VR)

For this, you will get a very well-made and fully edited clip with multiple angles and degrees of close-ups. We take filming custom clips seriously and want each clip to look as good as possible.

Anything requiring special effects or specific costumes, settings, props, outfits or accessories would be an additional cost (if we don't have them). For clips requiring these, we would discuss and agree on a price based on your script and requirements.

Also, extremely detailed and lengthy scripts require a lot more time to work through so we may charge extra for this. This would, of course, be discussed beforehand.

Custom clips are non-exclusive and will be offered on my store at a later date unless discussed beforehand.

All custom clips are for your personal use only and must not be resold or redistributed.

Note: If the nature of your clip is TOO specialised and is unlikely to have any resell value due to this, I may have to charge more. I try to keep the costs down so that my profit comes mostly from resell.


Shoots will take place as soon as your chosen model is available but please be patient as it needs time to book the models, shoot and edit the clip. None of our models are full-time models so we fit shoots in around their schedules. It takes on average anywhere between a couple of weeks and a month but in some cases can take even longer, especially in the summer and around Christmas, so please make sure you are ok with this before ordering. I can't always tell you exactly when the shoot will be but you can be assured, I will be trying to get the girls booked at the earliest time possible.


Please tell me how long the clip should be, write a clear description of what you`d like along with any necessary dialogue, the names of the models you'd like to appear in the clip and any outfits or details that might be important to your script.

Dialogue and instructions will be followed as best as possible but no guarantee is provided that it is EXACTLY word for word.


Please try to keep your emails concise and avoid sending more than necessary. The whole process should not need more than several emails.
We do not do nudity or anything overtly sexual eg masturbation, rubbing etc.
We do not do anything that may harm the models or other creatures.


Filming in VR comes with its own set of limitations compared to regular filming.

Firstly, the camera should usually be static so as not to induce motion sickness or a jittery image.

Secondly, models must maintain a small distance from the camera in order to maintain the 3D effect so they can't get right up on the camera. Please bear this in mind when sending scripts.

Thirdly, file sizes for VR are enormous which means file compression. In order to keep the highest quality viewing experience, a clip of no longer than 15 minutes is recommended for VR. I can do longer but it might just not be as sharp. The reason for this is simple: I have to resell on platforms such as C4S and they have a file size limit of up to 4GB per clip. Compressing a 60GB file down to 4GB will result in a fairly noticable loss of quality. Reducing a 20GB file down to 4GB will result in a substantially smaller loss of quality.

To enquire about a custom clip, please send an email to:

I'll get back to you ASAP to let you know if and when it is possible. It can sometimes take a while so be patient.

(Custom clips featuring the guest models are not possible at this time. Also, each of our models have their own personal limitations so not every model will do every kind of scene. Therefore, please just ask)